Bowl lyrics


Izaya Tiji

Yeah, i just smoked a lil’ bowl
Yeah, i just called yo’ hoe
Im comin’ straight out the O’
I saw yo bit’ from across the globe
Stay right outta’ snow, snow
Yeah, my stick will stay ready to blow
I got a hoe for my hoe
I got a stick for yo’ stick
I got a bowl for yo’ bowl
I got a blick for yo’ blick
Uh, just talk to me, yuh
I made it rain, but it ain’t gloomy, yuh
I get the brain, then i just zoomy, yuh (Zoom!)
[?] in the studio
Designer drank, put it in my cup
You know the gang just wanna see blood
If they [?]
Might put a hunnid’ rounds in ‘em
No, i can't be around nun’ of them
Hawk, the lil’ n*gga down
Bronem’ grams, fake, can’t count on em’
Fold a n*gga up, blown em’
He told em, sendin’ it up
Pluck em’ n*gga, he tried to run
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