Pop Smoke

"Tap Out"

(Yoz, what you tellin' me?)
(Beat by Yamaica Productions, baby)
Ooh (Trap House vibes)
Too, too, too
Look (Grrr)

Bend her over, blow her back out (Blaow)
Bend her over, pull her tracks out (Blaow)
She know the Woo make her tap out (Woo)
I really live what I rap 'bout (Woo)
I remember them days in the trap house
Yeah, it got real in the trap house
I went and did some time in the jail (Huh)
'Cause I rather take the fast route (Grrt, grrt, bah)

If you wanna make bands then open up TD
She like, "Papi all I got is Citi"
I'm like, "f*ck it, come give me head" (Woo)
I back her then nutted on her titty, ayy, uh
I say I'm a dog so I'm chain' her kitty (Yeah)
Light up the smoke like a dutch in the city
I keep totin' that head, we gon' catch 'em like Ricky, uh
Man down, throw the piece to my bro that say hands down (Brrt, brrt)
Poppin' sh*t on the lot, make him camp down
He was twirlin' back then, he a fan now
Woo, I keep nothin' but blues in these pants now (Woo)
Rubber bands for these racks and these bands now (Blues)
We keep sticks in these drums like a band now (Grrt, grrt, grrt)
My new b*tch exotic ('Xotic), my new b*tch exotic ('Xotic)
You ain't poppin', stop it (Nah)
Fresh as f*ck, no stylist (Stylist), uh
n*ggas stealin' styles, jacket jockin' (Jockin')
This watch don't do tick-tockin' (Nah)
n*ggas know how we rockin', woo
20K for Amriris and that's for the jeans (That's for the jeans)
The money was dirty, I got it in a wrapper and now that sh*t clean (Now that sh*t clean)
Woo, woo, now I'm on the scene (Now I'm on the scene)
I made her tap out, I know that this di*k turn that b*tch into a fiend (Brrt, brrt)
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