Pop Smoke

"Minecraft trap remix (feat. Pop Smoke & Juice WRLD)"

(Chorus Samuel)
Aw man
Play hunger games yeah you play like a bot
All these gamer girls looking like thots
Kill you in bedwars and steal your stuff
Grief your house that is tough
I dig straight down cuz I don’t care
Go to the jungle and get a pet panda bear
Got full netherite even my hoe
Notch said never spend your diamonds on a hoe
I got so many Diamonds
I turn them into blocks
These villagers will never talk
I go straight for the blacksmith
Diamonds Yuh I hope he has it
Your house still has the grass top
Your girls been giving me top
Why your girl respawn in my bed
Kill the Enderdragon for its head
I’m in it to win it
New world don’t know how to begin it

(Bridge Samuel)
Minecraft is my favorite game
Roblox will always be lame
Minecraft I will Play you forevvveeeerrr
Play fort night never
Minecraft your my favorite game
I am never lonely

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