Panic Part 4 (Original) lyrics


Pop Smoke

Lyrics from Snippet

[Verse: Sleepy Hallow]
...drilling now?
Huh, I know they can't stand me I sit 'em down
You could die with your blicky out
Send a message tell your momma her son a clown
I got hit I ain't sit around, we could talk about it
Punch a opp if I walk without it
Keep a whole bunch of hittas 'round
Why you talk about it?
We gon' do it don't talk about it
They like "Sleepy gotta chill", uh
b*tch I gotta move ain't no staying still
Sleepy, what's the deal?
Look, you ain't gotta ask you know Sleepy will
Go in for the kill, what
Mean mugging, hoodied up, I got the steel, cuzzo got the pack
Look, homie got the crills
I was trappin' fell in love with doing drills, uh
Calm, cool chill 'til you see us buggin, get to know the real
Whole lot of caps getting peeled
Federalés tried to make a n*gga squeal but Ima make bail
Hit the block then we back up in thе field
You the type to tеll a whole tale
We the type to give 'em these shells
[Verse: Pop Smoke]
Huh, pull up, what's crackin'? Gun get to blastin'
Talk on my name and we wildin' out
All the opps in the spliff, ashin' (Ashin')
Puff, puff, ain't no passin' (Passin')
n*ggas know what we into
I get to drillin', I'm sittin', I'm killin'
I'm sinnin' if I get the feelin' (Huh)
I call Jaguar, bet he clap twos (Woo)
Sip Remy like he Papoose
Have him stay still like a statue (Statue)
Have him inked in like a tattoo
If I run down...
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