LoftiK lyrics


Pop Smoke

Intro: Pop Smoke
Gang gang gang
Whole lotta gang sh*t
It's really LoftiK out here
EBK n*gga

Verse 1: Pop Smoke
Lofti got hit, Steven got dipped
If he rep "XD" get this kid off Earth
Lofti should've ran with the herd
But he didn't so he got put in the dirt
Broski said there's opps on the block, I said "word"
Someone tell Lofti stop snitching cuh' he ain't got no works
That 4'8 n*gga a munch
N*gga is a snitch, Imma give him a punch
Call me a Jew because im gassed up
I'm really out here masked up riding on Lofti's block
f*ck this n*gga, im about to c*m in his sock
Gonna give lil bro the gawk gawk gawk
Verse 2:
Lofti's a faggot
When I catch him imma burn him with this ratchet
He tried to run but these bullets gonna go catch em
Ordering pizza to his school like its a habit
See him and catch him we gon take his jacket
Take his money, he only got 1's so I guess we gotta stack it
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