Negative XP

"Kurt Cobain Says “I Don’t Have a God” in Come As You Are Because the Song is About Selling Your Soul"

[Verse 1]
Blood stained mouths
Singing songs of praise and drowned
Drowsy patients patiently wait
At the gates of Hell and they stay
Sedated brains with lame ideas
As voices in their heads excrete
The gift of God is gone
Satan's will will be done

Jesus please save my soul
You're the only one I trust
You're the only one I know

[Verse 2]
You can find anything you want
When you close your eyes wide shut
Never not do wrong or right
In illuminated light
Imagine there's no Heaven or Hell
If you want to be a slave
Feeling bliss, fully numb
No more feelings of pain

Jesus I know you died for me
And I'm so sad
But I'm happy (woe)
There's no life without death (owe owe owe)
There's no hurt without rest

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