Asian Da Brat

"Yikes (Remix)"

Stack that b*tch up, Mike, mhm
Yikes, yikes
I'm 'bout to go crazy, let's go
f*ck they thought? Go, boom
Ayy, ayy, ayy

You b*tches is weak, Asian crazy loco
You show your face up in this b*tch then we on that you solo
I tie my lace, vaseline my face and approach you like "What's up?"
These b*tches p-p-p-pus*y, no beef or I throw up
b*tch, you was talking spicy you tried it before
I'm like the hot sauce with the noodles, I'm steaming, no bore
Don't stand up straight, unless you ready to get stretched up, we taking them drawers
Oh, this is the cheap-cheap if I ain't wear my chains I lost them, yikes, yikes
Know b*tches who birds, but you b*tches mice
I tried to act like I ain't see it, ignored this sh*t twice
But see what's gon' get you so far, just playing it nice
b*tch, I'm from Texas, we was raised to beat b*tches on sight (Yikes)
Let this b*tches make it happen, let 'em know
You wanna show out for the gram then I don't wanna smoke
I cut him off, act like he dead, like a slit throat
You're b*tch n*gga 6'4, Off-White on my fit, hoe
Yikes, pus*y clean, pus*y soft, ride it like a bike
You gon' reap what you say but these b*tches all tight
I got 40 bands, all hundreds right beside the pipe
Realest n*gga savage ways you gon' come and lay the pipe
Yikes, why you tryna stunt, n*gga, them ain't real likes
Yikes, why you want my n*gga di*k, b*tch you ain't even his type
Yikes, they say take it slow, I talk too fast, I tell him it's life
Yikes, n*ggas lovers they be hype, handsome but he got a strike
Put your dream n*gga in my polly pocket
n*gga, [?] show your wallet then we might can start a convo'
If he is balling I'm his Barbie, hundred percent [?]
I just met a man he stalking, f*ck him good I'm on Barcardi
Ayy, who turned the party up, b*tch I might
I got two personalities, that's making money and wanna fight
High class, I'ma step up quick with all that sh*t I'm taking risks
You gon' sit and tweet about a b*tch that you don't know, you sick (Sick ass)
Haters caught him riding di*k, he say am his model b*tch
He say I'm his gangsta b*tch, you keep it real by acres, b*tch
That's on wave and I'm that b*tch, body slimmer, titties bigger
Ass jiggle make you wiggle, yikes, yikes I see his pickle (his di*k!)
Yikes, I'm the light, b*tches nighty night
Yikes, I'ma throw the deuce up, you ain't eatin' it right
Yikes, I'm a queen pin you a pawn, yikes
Yikes, Record labels watching, they say Asian Doll gave me life
Yikes, little bitty b*tch, little girl take off when you see me
Don't try to make up sh*t and confuse the world (Period)

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