Asian Da Brat

"That Work"

[Intro: Khaki & Asian Doll]

Asian Doll
Hold Up
This that fire (fire)
(Ooo) Oh god
Khaki got that work (got that work)
Pull up then I swerve (then I swerve)
Sticking with me you got Nerve
I hit the gas and make it pure

[Verse 1: Khaki]

b*tch imma star (flash)
250 on a car (cash)
That chain be drippin (flash)
With the gang like we startin up a war (yeah, yeah)

Send hits my way we dont back down
Put your team on deck no patdown
Ain't talking bout a check turn back round
This my wave, on a throne with a black crown

b*tch you look nervous (ahh)
Shut the door and the curtains
Turn around b*tch work it (b*tch work it)
Want the bag better earn it
You deserve it
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