Asian Da Brat

"That Work"

[Intro: Khaki & Asian Doll]

Asian Doll
Hold Up
This that fire (fire)
(Ooo) Oh god
Khaki got that work (got that work)
Pull up then I swerve (then I swerve)
Sticking with me you got Nerve
I hit the gas and make it pure

[Verse 1: Khaki]

b*tch imma star (flash)
250 on a car (cash)
That chain be drippin (flash)
With the gang like we startin up a war (yeah, yeah)

Send hits my way we dont back down
Put your team on deck no patdown
Ain't talking bout a check turn back round
This my wave, on a throne with a black crown

b*tch you look nervous (ahh)
Shut the door and the curtains
Turn around b*tch work it (b*tch work it)
Want the bag better earn it
You deserve it

Up with that Asian doll and we bout business
Brought it up now we count digits
No luck we earnt straight riches
They turn the back we gone burn bridges

Did you see me coming up with the heat, that my own sh*t
Reppin bape, off white vlone sh*t
Tryna do the same but you only on clone fits
Know you all lames spotlight you alone b*tch

That ice on my neck and my wrist sink the titanic (ice)
Hit the jewler spent a check froze the Atlantic
Look up out the roof at the stars, that’s a panoramic
Trappin out the coupe, and its ours b*tch don’t panic

Rich you faded
Almost famous
You just basic

Everybody in the room know im calm but im darngerous
Let your girl loose to my arm and she fainted
Know I got the juice and the charm, ain't changing
Put you in a noose if you armed with a stainless (wow)

[Chorus: Khaki]

We ain't got no problems, got that work (we got that work)
We ain't got no problems, got that fur (we got that fur)
Coming straight up from the bottom from that dirt (hold up, dirt)
Went from paying all these models, now they twerk, and flirt

I got models, I got bottles, this that work
Pull off in that rarri, make it skrrt (skrrt, skrrt)
Double G’s put that snake up on her purse (hiss)
See our squad and you moving high alert

[Verse 2: Asian Doll & Khaki]

Came from the mother-f*cking dirt (dirt)
All these b*tches bust it open, she gone squirt (she gone bust it)
Ain't talking angles, pull up in that vert (skrrt, skrrt)
n*gga on my di*k, I don't wanna flirt

Diamonds dancin' on my like a chandelier (diamonds)
f*ck this day, Im skipping' court, n*gga I won't appear (f*ck a court)
If you dissin' making news, you gone disappear
n*ggas phoney tryna get all up in your ear

b*tch Im famous you can't hang with the gang (you can't hang b*tch)
I got thirty's you gone think I'm Bruce Wayne (f-fire)
n*ggas sneaking, so I had to make a name (ay, make a name)
b*tch you jealous cos im taking all the fame (Asian Doll)

Yea they jealous coz im taking all the fame
I got bags, I got checks, this that flame (this that fire)
Frost on my fingers, Froze my wrist and ice my chain (ice, ice, shine)
I step outside all these b*tches know my name (what?)

Just spent two thousand on my piece I swear my chain do magic (oh god)
Call me Houdini way I got all of these diamonds dancing (wow)
No lamborgini but my lotus make these b*tches panic (what)
I flex so Easy got em syrens and em Cameras flashing (Brrr)

[Chorus: Khaki & Asian Doll]

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