What a coincidence lyrics



I roll up 'n’ smoke some gas
Got the whole world in my hands
I don't why n*ggas mad
I think it's ’cause his b*tch a fan
I dont know why this b*tch is mad
I told her this is who I am
This sh*t is goin' to my head
You're sayin' sh*t that don't make sense

Brand new b*tch is superbad
But I can't be her Superman
Flex like I'm Lex Luger, man
He get hit with this Ruger, man
I can be in your top 10
But I just can't be 2 through 10
I was thumbin’ through a check
I checked ’n' I seen buku bands

sh*t that I just went through, man
I’ll never go back through again
I'm not checkin' n*ggas chin
He checked 'n’ seen this new FN
I got scars that's on my wrist
I got some drip to cover it
Blowin' dope, it got me dead
I'm sayin' sh*t that don't make sense
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