Actin’ Tuff* lyrics


Ken Car$on

[Chorus: Ken Car$on]
...never fold
I swear these n*ggas be lame as f*ck, he over there cryin' 'bout a hoe
f*ck on your b*tch and I changed it up, switched her up just like my flow
I was just lazy and spilled my codeine
I'm getting tired [?]
I got the racks, boy, you ain't got no money, you flexin', we already know
You n*ggas actin' tough, smoke, but ain't ready when it's time to go
We comin' at you mad as f*ck, but this ain't quarantine, though
Shoot at a n*gga then disappear, they like, "Where did he go?"

[Verse: Reese LAFLARE (?)]
[?] spillin' it
[?] hit her [?]
[?] no problem, go get me [?]
[?] hittin' it, that's my lemonade [?]
[?] Piru, [?]
[?] is you feelin' me?...
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