Aquafina/Awkwafina lyrics


Ken Car$on


I'm riding around in a new two-seater
Shawty remind me of Awkwafina
I need her
I'd do anything to make her smile
I'd do anything to please her
She drove a Honda with a hundred thousand miles
I bought her a new beamer
She look just like Aaliyah
Have you seen her?
She got long hair, she dress like she from Korea
And she don't care about nobody, give a f*ck 'bout one of these people
Hell yeah, yeah, yеah
Shе a homebody, she only pop out when I need hеr
And shе remind me of Awkwafina
Have you seen her?
Last time I saw her she was in Chrome Hearts
She was rockin' that Celina
I mean she was rockin' Celine, yeah
Yeah, she the woman of my dreams, uh
And I swear it's so easy to find her
She like 5'5, did I remind you?
She got a big booty right behind her
And she got that sh*t right from her momma
I known her since we was teens, yeah
Remember her like my first cup of lean, yeah
Remember her like when I first popped X
She was ghost when I was Teen X
Now she lookin' for me, I'm X Man
I ain't really worry 'bout you
I'm worryin' bout these bands
I'm steady getting it too
This money it got me in a trance
This money got me paranoid
Every room I walk in, I'm like "whose mans", yeah
That's what them bands do
It make you feel like everybody after you
It may not feel right but that's okay and yeah that's cool
I live a rockstar life I have my ways I ain't followin' rules
She live a rockstar life, she know I pipe and she pipe too
I sent that b*tch a flight and then I sent her back to school
That's how I know I like you if I spend them racks on you
That's how you know I like you if I spend them racks on you, yeah
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