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Ken Carson

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[Verse 1: Destroy Lonely]
...it's cold
These n*ggas out here perkin' like they started swag, but them young n*ggas stole
I got a b*tch with a BBL, goddamn, I love that big booty ho
I got this groupie b*tch waitin' outside, tryna get inside my show

[Verse 2: Ken Carson]
I got this groupie b*tch waitin' outside tryna give me all her throat (Yeah)
Hit that b*tch from the back, and I got her mouth wide 'cause she know a young n*gga the G.O.A.T
And I'm rockin' this VETEMENT
Yeah, it's cold outside, so I oversized my coat
Tryna ride my wave, you gon' need a boat (Yeah)
And that sh*t gon' sink, that sh*t won't float, b*tch
Yeah, this ho all on my line, she callin' me, she like, "Come ovеr"
I'ma pull up on that b*tch in that Range Rover (Yeah)
Bеfore I pull up on that b*tch (Yeah), I'ma make sure I'm high, not sober
I done put this b*tch in a hundred positions, like we doing yoga
And I swear these n*ggas, they be green, yeah, I just call 'em Yoda
And these n*ggas ain't f*ckin' with my team, yeah, we shoot sh*t up like soldiers

[Verse 3: Destroy Lonely]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
We shoot sh*t up, b*tch, I thought I told you
Yeah, we slide in the motherf*ckin' Jeep...
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