Fangs* lyrics


Ken Carson

Lyrics from Snippet

My weed came in a bag
My lean came sealed
My money all [?] like I'm [?], for real
My b*tch just [?] Givenchy, got cocaine on her lips
Got fangs, yeah, I'm vamp
Got fangs, yeah, I'm vamp, b*tch
O-P-I-U-M, you was talkin' that sh*t, n*gga got his mouth stitched
n*ggas ain't f*ckin' with [?], they ain't f*ckin' with X-Man, hell nah
I'm with my college b*tch, oh yeah, we geeked up off adderall
He tweakin', he off [?], that boy, he goin' crazy
But if he try me and my gang, we gon' leave his body on the pavement
Pull up in that space coupe, pull up in that [?], b*tch
Pulled up in the Maybach, got chains on like [?]
Young n*gga, but I got money like Jay-Z
I ran up thе bands, told my b*tch she better bе outside the airport before I land
My b*tch freaky, she go both ways, but she not no trans
b*tch, I'm geekin', I get too high, get yourself out my stands
You can tell by the way I stand, I'm too high, I'm too geeked
You can tell by the way I stand, I got so much money in my jeans
I put money on her and her team, and I'm puttin' my gang in Balenci'
These n*ggas stuck in 2015, they rockin' Supreme and vintage
I put a switch on a Drac', now it's a fully, at first, it was just a semi
I don't think these pus*y n*ggas hear me, I'ma shoot this b*tch until it's empty
I'ma shoot this b*tch 'til that bit' click, clicks
Look at my wrist, yeah, it glisten
Look at my watch, yeah, it's iced out
Look at my mo'f*ckin' necklace
Look at my mo'f*ckin' neck, b*tch
Look at my mo'f*ckin' neck, b*tch
b*tch, you should've went with Audemars, but instead, you at the Eliot
I make her suck. my di*k 'til she lock jaw, and I bend her over on the bed
I f*ck on that b*tch, and [?], think we slidin' on Percocets
Got to thank you to my [?], thank you to my pops
Got to thank God, I'm up (Yeah)
I was just broke the other day, now a young n*gga rich as f*ck (Yeah-yeah)
These n*ggas, they all in my way (Yeah), I swear these n*ggas soft (Yeah)
I'm the only n*gga in my lane, just keep that sh*t a buck

Just keep that sh*t a hundred
b*tch, yeah, yeah-yeah-yeah
b*tch, X-Man
Yeah, X, X, X, yeah, X, X-Man
X, X, X, b*tch, X, yeah
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