2dracos and thay customize
Babby choppa on me came from the
Russian guys stay in the house
Know you can't come in side

Standin on me thay like
Who brought a gun inside

Look at me now I'm feeling like busta
Rimes smoke out the pond come and shop
Any Time mini Uzi goin blow like a dandelion

Felling like 50 I'm Rollin wit many men tayydoe goin
Hop out the mini van spin on his block I ant talkin know
Celling fan me and lil Dre back door that mini van

Big drums we ant playn no instruments
Hear thay come got 12 try a blitz again
Ruger or glockenspiel witch one should
I pick again catching these plays like
I play for the red skins

Mask down sent a shot at yo head band
Hit him with pac in the trap like a mail man
Mask down sent a shot at you head band

Ouu this trapping ain't (you)
In slide in a (coup)
I'm off the bar on the (moon)
These lickers ain't (you)
I'm her lovin the (coup)
And thay still lovin the (coup
And thay but relly (poo)


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