VI Seconds

"Pokemon Cypher 2019"

[Intro: Shofu]
Ayy, huh (Omar on the come up)
Pokémon Cypher 2019
We're back, better than we've ever been
We the very best like no one ever was

And I'm getting money like Meowth
Pockets fatter than a Snorlax
Archer, talk to 'em

[Verse 1: Archer]
Look, watch who you aiming your ammo on
Shield on my face like a Bastiodon
Work in the pouch like a Kangaskhan
n*ggas be changing like Kecleon
You'll get hit twice like a Ambipom
Ice on my wrist like a Glaceon
Mewtwo, I'm putting that Pressure on
Just hit a Fissure off Metronome
Top be the spot that I'm standing on
Fire and water, Volcanion
Each of my ears got a Avalugg
Grass on my head like a Tangela
Flyer than Ledyba
Lit like Electabuzz
Smoking Meganium
Harder than Cranidos' cranium
Crib 'bout as big as the Pokémon Stadium
They should play this on the Pokémon Radio
Been 'round the map so I know they debating 'em
Ten out of ten what they rating 'em
Wings on my back like a Ledian
Swagging as soon as I'm entering
I got that flame like a Fennekin
In the sun, stoned like a Lilligant
I got that flow like a Basculin
Just got some money, I sent my mom half of it
Crib on the beach, that's a Palossand
Live in a palace, my jewelry stay cold like a Mamoswine
Levitate off the ground like a Carnivine
Dropping that heat like an Arcanine
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