Call From D lyrics


Zoey Dollaz

[Spoken Words: D & Zoey Dollaz]
I know Elvis, Elvis Milord, that's, that's who got the gangsta rich
Haha, ha, haha, haha, ha
For sure
But, but I'm really like yo, my, my, my man see he like
I remember at the motel, I said I remember this n*gga used to drive me around
Help me out, man, [?] quick on whip, he was poppin' on Instagram
And just go to throw it, my n*gga, I just, just go throwin' that sh*t
And I was like, this, this n*gga was doin' his diggin', it, it took him a little like ten years
But one day [?] n*gga, I said one day [?] I said it took him like ten years
When I'm in the pen', I got sh*t [?], they threw me to the pen', they threw me maximum security gettin', gettin' caught up on some goofy sh*t
It opened my eyes 'cause I was, I was in a spot where n*ggas was not, never go home
Then here I am with fifteen years, some of these n*ggas never go home, man, just wildin' in this sh*t, you feel me?
So and I'm sittin' and I saw you on the TV one day, I was like
Look at this n*gga, this n*gga fly as a motherf*cker
Haha, haha, haha, haha, ha
Haha, ha, haha, ha
And that's when I [?] tell him to [?] 'cause he, he [?] love to see that, you feel me? Like damn, this n*gga made it, he, he step to it, he steady [?], steady fast, I mean he did it, you feel me? He did it
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