Hippo Campus


[Verse 1: Jake]
If you got something to say, you should say it
I can't waste more time on your bad excuse
Tried to pretend like I saw it comin'
But I can't act like it doesn't bother me now

[Pre-Chorus: Jake]
As I'm leavin' your house
You set down the rifle

[Chorus: Jake & Nathan]
You took it to heart like an ashtray
I always forget what I'm trying to say
Asleep at the wheel like a drunk truck driver
Wrung out to dry with the thief and the liar

[Verse 2: Jake & Nathan]
[?] quick to address it
Trauma hits me like a quaalude
Sometimes I know what I want then I second-guess it
Sometimes I think I'm better off if I leave you

[Pre-Chorus: Jake]
Alone, so f*cking hard being alone
What's good for you ain't always
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