Issues/Roses lyrics


Young Adz

(Ooo Jony)
Yeah , DBE
You can get Suave to shoot you a video
In the kitchen
You can get Prince to mix your sh*t
Still ain’t us
Ski , Ski

[Verse 1]
Married this queen , and I told her delete all her socials
This ain’t for no clout (Real life)
I said it’s normal in life , and it’s scary to trust
And it’s natural to doubt
I sent a message through C to my n*gga
To put the green light on them clowns
There’s something special about you
Cause you’re cooling me down
And you’re hearing me out
And I tell my plug that, “It’s all there”
You know man , you ain’t gotta count
I knew we was moving heavy
My worker got scared when he saw thе amount
Bro you can act to the women
But not the rеal n*ggas , we know you’re a clown
Man I was broke , me and T in the bando
Said we’ll figure it out
Who got the whole UK doing lean?
Who got the whole UK doing E’s?
Everybody wanna be independent
Who got the whole UK saying Ski?
I hid the A40 64GB’s
One little Samsung , filled up with fiends
Free the big big , big homie T
Always wanted to be big homie B
I feel we’re rich really (When what)
When I look at my Rich Mille , yeah
I tell her, “Dine with me”
Just meet couple killers and 9 millys yeah
They all revising me , it’s plain as day
Man the blind can see , yeah
[Verse 2]
Yeah , I’m talking money what’s the quote?
I’m talking power I don’t ghost
They talking bodies ain’t got ghosts
Big cars they all got ghost
9 in the morning , breakfast with the plug
Caviar up on his toast
One stamp was Audi , one was Rolls
Just spent 200 euros on some roses
50 thousand into crypto’s this year
Zak said a milli in liquid
Imma , fund this war until it’s finished
Even send them shooters when it’s finished
3 or 4 months , n*ggas cannot hit their block
Cuz they hide like some b*tches
I’m just living life with my lil lady
Get n*ggas filled with shells , forget description
I said “Mum we got a issue”
Sit down you might need a tissue
Been that same issue for a minute
How the f*ck are you alive but I miss you
Neighbours they want me to get out the house
But I paid straight cash so i’m here
If I was broke , still a realionare
My n*ggas the realest in here
GRM Daily Rated Awards
We had the wap in the car
3 months later , my little young buck when jail for the M in the car
Ain’t no telling him
It’s Corona in UK , I’m spending in Marbs
These n*ggas feminine
They discuss me and LB , I hope they wear bras
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