Alexander Rybak

"My whole world"

[Verse 1]
Sitting in the kitchen by myself
This coffee's just for me, nobody else
Once I thought it's easy to move on
But memories of you, they're just to strong
And every little thing, each single place
Reminds me of your smile, your sweet embrace
And when I try to share this world with someone else
The sun goes up and down, but makes no sense
Some people say, it doesn't hurt to try
But deep down I know, it'll be the same old cry

I'll my share my broken hearted story with a stranger in a bar
And later on, we'll share a drink or two
And I'll share my bed cause I feel lonely
But the truth ain't gonna change
How could I share my world with someone new
When my whole has always been you

[Verse 2]
This garden still remembers our first dance
This local bar is where you gave me a second chance
This empty road reminds me of our fights
This lonely town is where I miss you every night
I know I should face the world, I should be strong
But I'd rather stay home tonight
Cause I'm done with the same old song
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