"Love Lost, Pt. 2"

[Verse 1]
Dat lil b*tch go fast!
She wanna go bad!
And I know that!
5.56 gon push his fro back!
I remember the time when i cried!
I remember the time when you lied!
That Choppa gon make him go, Bye Bye!
Watch that choppa fly, by!
Im like hoe, Bye!
She won't go, Bye!
Laugh it out like Ha!
I remember the time when I cried!
Yeah, I ride around with my Nine
Yeah, these n*ggas pocket watchin, they spyin!
Take yo b*tch and break her spine!
Top Kid! Im on the rise!
I know you be pickin sides!
I look at money on me, I win you lose
You wanna be me you can't fit in these shoes!
Money on me we got guap to blow on True's!
We know you broke boy tell the truth!
Catch me with the apes n*gga like a zoo!
Hop in that M6 watch it zoom!
I got bad b*tch in the room!
Yo new sh*t trash but that ain't new!
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