Austin Mahone

"Slide Door"

[Verse 1: Loren Gray]
I have a Mansion
I live here
it's down in my street
my home
my mind

[Chorus: Loren Gray]
I bought a mansion with a slide door
It slid to the left
It slid to the right
I think this will do the trick

[Verse 2: Austin Mahone]
Rescue me, Save me
Who turned out the light?!
Kids are irresponsible sometimes
We have it
not anymore

[Chorus: Loren Gray & Austin Mahone]
I bought a mansion with a slide door
It slid to the left
It slid to the right
I think this will do the trick

[Verse 3: DaBaby]
More than this, Everything is fine
lights up out, everything is down
We know all the cameras that can do this
Pharaohs from Egypt that can fly away
Me we did it
Light it up now
Spider Web's down
Down in my car
Kodak Black is a famous Hip-Hop Star

[Bridge: Austin Mahone]
We are all lost
She's gone

[Outro: Loren Gray]
Cholla Street is closed
the end

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