Yung Xander

"Free My Mind"

[Chorus: Yung Xander]
Free my mind
From just another lonely night
I’m just another lonely guy
So save me from my life
And make me feel alright
The drugs help me free my mind

[Verse 1: Yung Xander]
Don’t think I could help myself
I just want to forget myself and move on
Pretend that nothing’s wrong
Roll another blunt and hit it until I’m gone
I’ve been feeling strong
But I’ve been feeling less
Whenever I’m stressed my drug dealer know best
I get it for the low when I flip it for the plug
Shrooms for the beach and cocaine for the club
Breaking down a dub
So I’ll feel above
I can feel the love
But I’ve really felt enough
Yeah it’s really fine
I’m running out of time
Go and shut my eyes
And see what I can find and
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