Yung Xander

"Get It"

I get it
I get it
I’m just somebody that you regretted
Forget it
I don’t need nobody else to get it
I get it
I’m just somebody that you regretted
Forget it
I don’t need nobody else to get it

[Verse 1]
I get it that’s facts
Put the petal to floor when I chase these bags
Coming in fast when I pull up in the G Class
After my last I’m putting everything in the past I’m getting cash
Teen spirit how I rock out
Putting back shots till' I knock out
Some bad b*tches tryna whip my c*ck out
Throwin' stacks till' I make a b*tch drop out
Whip the top down
Y’all taking the bus
Smell the smoke already know that it’s us
I always had trouble with trust
So many times I’ve been crossed like a plus
So many times that I’ve been coming in short
Smoke blunts as I walk the streets of New York
Imma dork
But since I’ve been touching a buck
I haven’t really been giving a f*ck
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