Yung Xander


Baby girl don’t hit my line
'Cause now I’m doing fine
'Cause now I’m doing fine
You were always the kind to only come around
When I was high
I’ve been getting rid of pain
By putting VV’s in my chain
I don’t think you’ll ever change
Don’t hit my f*cking line
'Cause now I’m doing fine

[Verse 1]
Now I’m doing fine
Got me thinking all the time
Of how I’ve been getting rid of
All the sh*t you put up inside my mind
You put me on the grind but I ain’t giving you the creds
For anything good that’s ever come out my head
I got you the bag you’ve only made me upset
You won’t cross my mind when I be getting these checks
I know it’s been a while but I can’t say that I miss you
Smell the cigarette smoke every time I kiss you
Been thinking bout the space been thinking about the time
About everything it took to be fine
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