Tell me what I’m supposed to do when I see the light leave you? Time slows, my light has left me
I keep seeing your face leave this place
I lose faith in what I’m supposed to do
This is for you, this is all for you
We will never share breath in the same place again
This isn’t how it ends
Tired eyes of mine, lend me the will to move forward
Part ways with apathy, let the light fear me, and find a way back through time

Tunnelling through to places that defies belief
No gods have seen time like sand, slipping through the cracks in my hands
Pain is the elixir to leave what is known, but what I find beyond the hourglass is only failure

As I’m staring down the barrel of a gun, I return to when the light left me
My thoughts bleed a tragic sight, return me to the light

Together, we will be again
Let the world fire spread
I can’t bear to imagine another endless night
Visions bleed, remember this day
Let there be peace in this pain
Disintegrate, start again
Sit by the shadow
Leave me be

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