Ugly Bastard


[Intro: Ugly bast*rd]
Yeah, it's some Ugly bast*rd sh*t

[Verse 1: Ugly bast*rd]
You would not believe your eyes
If ten fat and ugly guys
Lifted up your skirt as you took the train

Cause they grab you by your hair
And leave c*m stains everywhere
You'd think that someone else on this train would, care

[Chorus: Ugly bast*rd]
I'd like to shout out and break free, but social norms, prevent me
My best friend's getting pounded, gonna cry herself to sleep
I'm glad my family isn't here to see

[Verse 2: Ugly bast*rd]
Yeah I know that it's a crime
But I ruin all your hentai
Yeah b*tch, I don't even give a sh*t
Cause i'm a fat and ugly guy
You try to stop me: you gon die
So, here's a little tip: it's better not to try. Yeah
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