King Dude

"Pagan Eyes Over German Skies"

[Verse 1]
Come on, baby, let's go override
As a train coming at midnight
Out in the darkness you'll be my bride

Pagan eyes over German skies forever

[Verse 2]
Let's there no time for us to hesitate
Daylight's coming, gonna seal my fate
I can hear that train down the trains, she's never late

Pagan eyes over German skies forever

[Verse 3]
The locals love me or they want me dead
I can't understand a word they said
But I gotta make sure that my baby is fed

Pagan eyes over German skies forever

[Verse 4]
I'll keep on moving with no wrong or right
Most of you think I'm foolish trying
But in my heart I know Lucifer is the light
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