Jonathan McReynolds


[Verse 1]
I ask for things that I think that I need
I get frustrated when You disagree
You're always listening closely to me
There is a limit to what I can see

So I'm not asking for an outcome
Or praying for results
I'm not hoping that it all goes
Exactly how I want
No, I'm not asking You to do it
Or asking that You don't

I'm just inviting You to my situation
Come through 'cause I want You in my situation
I'm just inviting You-u-u
In my situation, hey, oh

[Verse 2]
You see the big picture, You hold the frame
Past, present and future, You see the same
I know that it's very human to want everything my way
But if I don't get what I pray for, my hope is in Your name
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