The Seven Deadly Sins: Prologue lyrics


Marianne Faithfull

[Anna I]
So my sister and I left Louisiana
Where the moon on the Mississippi is a-shining ever
Like you always hear in the songs of dixie
We look forward to our home-coming?
And the sooner the better

[Anna II]
And the sooner the better!

[Anna I]
It's a month already since we started
For the great big cities where you go to make money
In seven years our fortune will be made
And then wе can go back

[Anna II]
In six years would be much nicer

[Anna I]
Our mom and dad and both our brothеrs wait in old Louisiana
And we'll send them all our money as we make it

For all the money's got to go to build a little house
Down by the Mississippi in Louisiana
Right, Anna?

[Anna II]
Yes, Anna

[Anna I]
She's the one with the looks, I'm realistic
She's just a little mad, my head is on straight
But we're really one divided being
Even though you see two of us
And both of us are Anna
Together we've but a single past, a single future
One heart and one savings account
And we only do what's best for one another
Right, Anna?

[Anna II]
Yes, Anna
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