Lust [Unzucht] lyrics


Marianne Faithfull

[Anna I]
Then we met a wealthy man in Boston
And he paid her a lot because he loved her
But I had to keep a watch on Anna
Who was too loving, but she loved another
And she paid him a lot because she loved him

So I said: "cheat the man who protects you
And you've lost half your value then:
He may pay once although he suspects you
But he won't pay time and time again
Girls can have their fun with money
When they've no provider they must face;
But for girls like us, it's not funny
If we ever even once forget our place"

"Don't try to sit between two stools"
I told her, then I went to see her young friend
And said: "If you're kind, you won't hold her
For this love will be your sweetheart's bitter end"
Girls can have their fun with money
When their money is their own to give
But for girls like us, it's not funny
If we even once forget the way we live

So I sent him a lone one-way ticket
Which had broke his heart to use, naturally

And when Anna found out my trick
He'd look like broken bones for me

Oh lord, look down upon our daughter
Show her the way
That leads the good to thy reward
Incline her heart to observe all thy commandments
That her works on earth may prosper

[Anna I]
Now she show off her little round white bottom
Worth twice a little Texas motel
And for nothing the poolroom can stare at Anna
As though she had nothing to sell
That's why most girls don't get rich
For they go bad when they forget their place:
You're not free to buy what you itch for
When you've got a good provider you must face

Who fights the good fight and all self subdues
Wins the palm, gains the crowns

[Anna I]
It wasn't easy putting that in order
Saying good-bye to young Fernando
Then back to Edward to apologize
Then the endless nights I heard my sister
Sobbing bitterly and repeating

[Anna II]
It's right like this, Anna, but so hard!
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