Covetousness [Habsucht] lyrics


Marianne Faithfull

Anna, so the papers say
Is now set up in Baltimore
Lots of folk seem to be shooting themselves for her

She must be near to the top and raking it in
To get in the news like that!
Well, so far, so good; to be talked about
Helps a young girl up the ladder

Let her beware of overdoing it
Some people might think she was mean
Folks shy away from a girl who's said to be mean

Folks give a wide wide berth
To those who grab all they can get
Point unfriendly fingers at
Those whose greed goes beyond all bounds
In the measure you give
You will surely be given
And as you do, so will you be done by
Fair is fair
All must keep this law

We sincerely hope our smart little Anna
Also has common sense
And will let them keep a shirt or two
When she lets them go for good
Shameless boarders earn themselves a bad name
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