Cold Hart

"Gucci her fragrance"

Gucci is her fragrance
She got all designer favorites
And i'm still rockin my skid row tee
She lookin like nikki reed starrin in thirteen
Fell in luv w her blues eyes n nose ring
Shes the only single person that knows me

[king christian]
Gucci is her fragrance
She know im refe gang
So now she tryna take pics
That sh*t so funny tho
Cuz last week we were sayin sh*t
You said we lackin now all of the sudden
We youre favorite
But its fine
Got a cute girl w some long legs
She gon get high
f*ck what her mom says
Meet her dad
Shake his hand w the wrong hand
Walk around kiss her face
When the night ends
Im still flexin in my darkthrone graphic tee
And you’re still spending all your time tryna get to me
Even though you swear its love its easy to see
That i never needed you or anything
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