Bravo the Bagchaser

"Yung Menace"

[Verse 1]
Boy, you had a b*tch [?], big mouth
Daddy had a big house
Never in them streets cause yo' mama gon' flip out
You never hit a lick, whoa
Ran up in some sh*t, whoa
Went behind them bricks, whoa
Windows with the tint, whoa
Really out the mud, you ain't really out sh*t though
Married to the game since a youngin', I can't let go

[Verse 2]
Young menace, no heart
Walking with my chest out
Know I'm 'bouts to blow [?] if I'm 'bout to step out
[?] my mama [?]
All my life, I had her stressed out
Really 'bout my bands, yeah I pull up in a [?]
My youngin' don't throw the hands, they just bust a Tec now
Big thing to your face, I'ma watch you melt down
I done been through hell, dawg
I was in that cell, dawg
I ain't get no mail, dawg
They wanna see me fail, dawg
They wanna see me fail, dawg

[Verse 3]
Yeah we gotta eat, but how much is that meal gon' cost?
I need that money but how much is that deal gon' cost?
I ain't no dummy, heard a thousand people tell me they love me
Switched up overnight, y'all get the f*ck from me
Lil baby needs to work, the plug gon' pull up your luggage
Remember rainy days every day even when it was sunny
Yeah, I got love for that fool
Growin' up, we was strugglin'
Now we rappin' and hustlin'
Out here finnessin' and juggin'

[Verse 4]
f*ck whoever be buggin'
We ask no questions, we dumpin'
I'd die for my dawgs so they know that I love 'em
You all think that's your homie but he a opp undercover
I'ma die ballin' even if it's on the buzzer
You see the drip on my sh*t
b*tch, I'm drippin' water
I know I seem heavy as sh*t, but God still got us
Makin' moves, look at the money that our time bought us
It's 'bouta rain on me, so you gotta boss up
Watch what you say now, man, cause that chopper chop up

[Verse 5]
Tear the block up
Now they playin' cops and robbers
Life a b*tch, know I mean
Try not to think about it
My dawg gone, rest in peace
Try not to think about it

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