NLE Choppa & Clever


Yeah, NLE, Top Shotta (Draco)
We got the bomb like Al-Qaeda
Whole lotta Crip sh*t, Shotta Fam sh*t
Shotta Fam or scram, no cap
Shotta Fam or scram
Shotta Fam or scram
Shotta Fam or scram
Shotta sh*t, no politics
We shoot like Stojaković
I kill a n*gga, rob him quick
I kill a n*gga, rob him quick

[Verse 1]
Used to ride on the bus, now I want me a Hellcat
We whippin' up dope and you know we gon' sell that
I put down the Glock and I want me a Kel-Tec
Put the weed in a bag, you know we gon' seal that
I gamble on life, I call it casinos
I'm killin' these n*ggas, they callin' me chemo
I'm deep in the water, they callin' me Nemo
And I'm throwin' up C's, I do it for Gino
Put me in a cell, you know I'm a problem
Put me in the dirt, you know I'ma blossom
My n*ggas, they killin', you know I can't stop 'em
The plug was frontin' so you know I robbed him
I keep me a chopper, but you know I Glocked him
I'm lookin' for opps like I was a shopper
Put him in the sh*t bag like he was a toddler
Put tape on his mouth so he won't holler
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