7981 Kal


(Intro) ...

All we smoke is sour so a n*gga blasted
And I keep a .40 on me so I pull up blasting
N*ggas say they hurt, I put em' in a casket
Wasn’t [?], didn't see me, why the f*ck you asking
They say when they catch me they gon' wack me
Iv’e been home for bout a year, they pus*y n*ggas still ain't wack sh*t
When I'm OT I'm in the trap b*tch
When I'm in the hood I got the hammer trynna clap sh*t
Momma said "go get yourself a job n*gga. How the f*ck you 21 still selling hard n*gga?"
I said "Ma you trippin' I sell dope now and I ain't f*ckin' round with hard, I sell coke now"
Pop told me get that cheddar, that’s by any means
So now I’m getting money green, serving hundred fiends
N*ggas think they bout it, but let's make em bleed
Hollows crawling up your spleen, make a n*gga scream
[?} taught me early, "Don’t be cuffin n*ggas"
Cuz if we get no money then we hunting n*ggas
Out here balling on your last, think you stunting n*gga
You get work off consignment, stop fronting n*gga

You don't know how it feel to move no brick n*gga
You don't know how it feel to catch no stick n*gga
I can't be in the field with no b*tch n*gga
Know you mad cuz my di*k in your b*tch n*gga
[?] said get that money right, I got my change up
I still live in the hood never change up
How you gangster, you walk with your chain tucked
f*ck around boy you might get your chained took

Pillowtalking-ass-b*tch, I can’t trust no thottie
How you talking 'bout a body, never shot nobody
You're the one who get got when I do a robbery
Beat a case, disappearin', feel like I'm [?]

79-f*cking-81 KAL n*gga
Whole lotta that n*gga
Free my f*cking big bro Cody man
Free big bro KD man
Free the whole f*cking gang
Gang sh*t n*gga
Get with it n*gga
You already know what time it is

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