"Heart Cold"

(Honorable Court)

[Chorus: Veeze]
Yeah, sippin' on lean, I feel it (Lean)
Bad b*tch look like Nicki (Bad)
Ridin' 'round town, no ceilin' (Skrrt)
Heart cold, got no feelings (Brr)
The opps even know I'll kill 'em (Damn)
My grandma know I'm a dealer (Gran)
Playin' with the Ashley Simpson (Simpson)
O's of the dog like Menace

[Verse 1: Veeze]
Stash spot look like it's Crippin' (Wow)
Like a n*gga got racks in the mididle
Bad b*tch and her bag expensive
I can put the whole stash in her titties (Titties)
I'm trippin' off the money like really (Trippin')
I'm geeked like I popped a whole Skittle (Geeked)
I ain't trippin' on the beef, I'ma grill it (Nah)
Lil' ass Glock with a fifty
You lookin' for your b*tch, she missin' (Huh?)
I'm chewin' on Percs like chicken (Chewin')
Trap so hot, it's sizzlin' (Trap)
Pray that the feds don't get us (f*ck 'em)
Snakes in the grass, they hissin' (Snakes)
Nobody touch my kitchen (Nah)
I ain't gon' leave no witness (Nah)
Cross his ass out like a Christian (Christian)
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