Old Heads lyrics



(Ooh, Sav killed it)

[Verse 1: Veeze]
Young n*gga servin' 'round the city just like old-head
Young n*gga ballin', throwin' money while the hoes dance
If this sh*t don't work, I'ma just go hit the road again
My young n*ggas tweakin', strikin' sh*t like bowling pins
Playing with that young boy, never goin' broke again
I'm an as*h*le, f*cked that b*tch, never spoke again
Same b*tch I be usin' for the head, y'all be holdin' hands
Brown squares just like cereal, it ain't Golden Graham
Lil' bro, I been passed three hundred bands, you a grown kid
If I add up what I spent on lean, that's your whole deal
I got bullets that could go through vests in the whole clip
If I take your b*tch and buy her Prada, it's that ho sh*t
Look inside my cup, that b*tch so red, it's that roadkill

[Verse 2: BandGang Lonnie Bands]
The Fetty Wap sky-high, the ice on a clearance sale
My white boy be so high, he always lookin' Paris Hil'
We ain't with no drive-by, we let choppers fishtail
I'm always throwin' fish fries, surrounded by them sharks and whales
Man, the K bullets flip out like they doin' cartwheels
They mad I ain't get tricked out, man, I'm really hard to kill
I used to sell a b*tch mouth, now it's all drug deals
Got a million-dollar house, still posted where the thugs is
Be cautious what come out your mouth, I leave it where your 1s is
My di*k stay in your b*tch's mouth, I love that lil' drunk b*tch

[Verse 3: ShredGang Mone]
The dope strong as Hulk Hogan, b*tch doin' body slams
Draco kick-kick like the new Karate Kid
Punks tryna talk to me, they ain't even bodies in
We just got a new drop, know we tryna lock it in
FNs and Dracos, lawyer get the case closed
Blue pills in the backpack, explorin' like Diego
No fly zone, don't fly on me, ain't a place I can't go
n*gga speak on Paid Will, you know we hit his Kangol
His hat, FN hit the front, came out the back
If we spin a n*gga block and miss, you know we comin' back
n*ggas know me in the streets for havin' Drac' with drum attached
If we get a n*gga dropped, we put a hundred on his ass
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