Eddy Arnold

"Hep Cat Baby"

I got a hep cat baby from a sweetie pie
A hep cat mama and that's no lie
When we go dancing on a Saturday night
She says "real gone" and she holds me tight
She's always happy when she's near the band
She says "dig this" and then she holds my hand
I don't know what she's saying to me half the time
But I love that hep cat baby of mine

Now every time we cuddle she says "solid jack"
Don't know what's making her talk like that
And when I give her kisses oh I feel like a fool
Because she's telling me that they're "real cool"
I bought a ring and put it on her hand
I said "do you like it," she said "crazy man"
Does she like it, does she hate it, oh, I'm still in doubt
'Cause I still don't know what my hep cat baby is talking about

Now when she hears those records on the radio
She starts into hollerin' "go, go, go"
She says she does it just to get in the groove
The neighbors are asking her folks to move
She maybe be kinda crazy but I don't care
I don't even mind her saying "I'm a square"
As long as I can be around her all the time
'Cause I love that hep cat baby of mine

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