38 Spesh


[Intro: Che Noir]

[Verse 1: Che Noir]
Look, pressure buildin', I never stress
It's head shots, you ain't stoppin' sh*t if you wear a vest
Body leakin', call housekeepin' in here to mop up
I left so much blood on the floor it could fill a hot tub
Look, these lazy n*ggas rather sleep than grind
I'm 'bout to start myself a skin care business and a sneaker line
I'm tryna choose between three designs
Just speakin' facts, and if the shoe fits, I got you if you need a size
Uh, form a message that was more effective
Uh, a corner presence just get more respected
And pain in the bars just restore the essence
Uh, and where I'm from just made me more aggressive
Pray for better times, my n*ggas prayed I'd lose
I pay my dues, we ain't got the same size shoes
I'ma be the best in whatever lane I choose
Stayed on my grind, now my dreams feel like déjà vu, n*gga

[Verse 2: Ransom]
Look, I married the game, so I still engage in war
A predator destroys his prey 'cause he never prayed at all
I play with force, I used to hustle right by the Asian store
I didn't plan it, but I seen murders that got my vision slanted
Slay the boss so n*ggas panic, me and Che Noir got n*ggas frantic
We play and talk a different language
See, every bar I spit is a horror flick, f*ck this artist sh*t
I'm hard as bricks, was man of the house before my father split
My heart is sick, faces of victims that haunt me
Demons that taunt me, what you do when the fiend is ya auntie?
I got n*ggas in Timberlands that be dreamin' to stomp me
Got the plug that'll kill ya kid he ain't seein' it promptly
Got the soul of a Vietnam vet who seen beyond death
In a gurney screamin' for medics 'cause he need his arms checked
Used to commit crimes, back in '96 couldn't picture 69
'Cause when trouble is near, ain't nothin' colorful here, n*gga

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