Rain Falls lyrics


38 Spesh

[Intro: Grafh]
Ayy, what's up? Oh
Ayy, Griselda, Dope Gang

[Verse 1: Grafh]
Y'all don't know what to do when I show you the blueprint
I ain't water it down 'cause I didn't know you was stupid
You searchin' online for the truth that I throw in the music
I can show it and prove, I don't gotta post it to prove it (I don't)
I know how to c*ck it, I know how to load it and shoot it
I'm alkaline water amongst all the sodas and juices
You went from what's crackin' to what's poppin'
I beat a body, then go gun shoppin'
You're scared of the dark, my n*gga, you sun-blockin'
I'm hotheaded, my tongue dropped in a plug socket
Take your lung, pop it, then I lunchbox it (Ow)
I jump shot it and double-pump rockets 'til my blood clot blood-clottin'
f*ck stoppin'
Your man got jumped, he was just watchin'
I left your body in the trunk rottin'
House n*ggas never pluck cotton
I'm just boxed in
Jabbin', I'm just boxin'
Jumped up, dodgin'
I'm from where Santa Claus ain't never come stuff stockings
You hustle or play ball, those are f*cked up options
I just f*cked memory lane up drunk drivin'
What? What? What could y'all do to me?
My ex tryna put a hex on me, voodoo me
This heavy artoolery
Strapped with the semi harpoonery
I'm multitaskin', lookin' at your chain' while I'm Googlin' where to pawn jewelry
I ain't with the tomfoolery
I'm Huey P in the wrong community
All my laundry is Louis V
I burned a Moncler, Prada, and Gucci tee
Inside a eulogy, I'd rather you to me, partner
[Chorus: Grafh]
When the shots fly and the rain falls
It's a homicide, tell me, who can you call?
When it's all lies, you can be right or wrong
It can be you or me, who's ever with on the draw
Mama, pray for me
Just pray for me, uh

[Verse 2: Conway the Machine]
You got shooters layin' all in your bushes and grass
Waitin' for you so they can be took to the cash
Got you openin' your safe and got you pullin' out cash
And you know what happen next when they pull up his mask
n*gga, the muzzle flash and the bullet'll pass
Through your melon, your whole sh*t gettin' put on the glass
Robbery gone bad, news bulletin flash
I laugh 'cause I'm the n*gga that put up the bag
Yeah, I'ma be straight as long as my mama pray for me
If you gon' be around, you gotta spray for me
Uh, gotta be solid all the way for me
Real n*gga, that's somethin' you ain't gotta say for me (You already know what time it is)
My resume'll vouch (Uh)
You was never straight, you ain't never weigh an ounce (Ha)
I'm with your b*tch, 'bout to penetrate her mouth (Huh?)
I give the word, a n*gga finna spray your house (Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom)
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