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38 Spesh

[Intro: Elcamino]
Yo, yo, yo
Yo, yo

[Verse 1: Elcamino]
I grew an acquired taste for
b*tches to f*ck up out my face
If i don't wake up to bacon and eggs
I wouldn't be a boss if I didn't have it my way
And you cannot be the man if don't play how I play, uh
f*cked up my taste buds
Tryna eat crab cakes
I'm in that gym while they orderin' steak subs (bullsh*t)
I done got so used to fake love
You might as well come work wit me if I'm who signin' your pay stubs
I done see it all
You was on top of the world
And I seen you fall
You was rich and didn't purchase me a thing at all
It could be the reason I be feelin' like I need it all
Baby asking 'is my condo a suited loft'?
I look up in the Rolls Royce and can see the stars
Tinted windows, ice boxes, wе at Neiman
And they askin' when I'm actually droppin'
Causе they been feinin', uh
I'm at offices making verbal agreements
Few n*ggas can't speak to me less they pledgin' allegiance, uh
They still leachin', uh
I could write out a book of all my teachers, uh
I could tell a few n*ggas just wasn't meetin'
When you was loosin' weight, and life was givin' you a beatin'
I was out on Venice Beaches, at Chachas eatin' (at Chachas eatin')
(sh*t, it's no secret)
[Outro: Instrumental]
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