If I said I was over you would you feel like you’d come around
Would you change up or hold it down
I know
But I know
I been gone
I been off
I been feeling down
What she on
What she say, That I’m off
I can’t feel now

Please don’t keep feeding me lies
You always keep a disguise
I’m with whatever’s in mind
But only if you want mine

Yeah it’s all my fault I gave you a thing
I been so caught up on whatchu think
Aye, think I’m over my head
I broke us off wasn’t feeling ya mess
Try to play me again
I’m good don’t need another loose end

I don’t wanna take no more heart break from you And
Tryna climb my way out I shoulda known that You wasn’t all that They said you was
It’s over again
Might be outta my mind I don’t want no amends If I can't get by
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