Feeling Low lyrics


Gavin Magnus

I say fight me and i did em bad
But now im feeling low and im doing bad
Cause all this time im in the back dunkin on that rim like shaq
And now im callin you back cause im sick of that
And you knew like that

Moving it up shaken thing up
While you taken i be faken
And shaken
Just hit that woah
I hop in the coupe and go
Yeah i be feeling low
Yeah you might not even know

Yeah why you shaking tho
Cause i be faking yo
Why you acting like saton
You be sinning tho
Cause i been feeling low
And it might even show

Yeah i feeling sad and thats kinda bad
So where you at so run it back
Im calling you back
So run this track
Or attack back
Its a mad track
And a sad track
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