Ice Cube


It’s 420 bring out the Cush
And I’m gunnin for some bush
Fools gettin drunk and wanna compete
Slap boxing in the street
They gettin get mad
Too bad - tempers are flarin
Cause I got so many b*tches starin
And I’m about to get rich
The cryptos are hittin the right pitch
Cause life ain’t nothing but money
And f*ck the b*tch
I’m slayin hoes and leavin em’ in a ditch
Send them on their way with no pants
Hoes lickin dese nuts like postage stamps
They drop like dominoes
And in case you didn’t know I got lots of drama hoes
Don’t let me pin ya cause It I’ll be like Irma came up in ya
So after I’m done screwin
I bust a nut and guess what
I’m out the door and all you might get is a rubber on the floor and that’s it no more
Cause I'm ready to hit the road like Andretti
b*tch, cause I'm steady

When I get my jam on I don’t want to hear sh*t about a tampon
Just give me the nappy and make me happy
b*tch said pappy could ya slap me hard and fast on the ass and please don’t leave a gash
I said I don’t play sex until I see some latex
Put on a condom
Dropped a bomb son
And it came out kind of like confetti
No longer steady

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