Going Spaceward

"Quarantine with Me"

You can put your hand in mine
Once you've washed it for the recommended 20 seconds' time
We should listen to the CDC
Do you want to quarantine with me?

You and me in bed alone
I'll go beneath the covers and pretend like I am the Dow Jones
The government should give us tests for free
Do you want to quarantine with me?

We can shut the world outside
It's crazy times, let's stay and hide
And keep our social distance
We can stock our fridge with food
The smell of Lysol sets the mood
I wouldn't want to miss this

After fourteen days are done
We'll walk outside and breath fresh air and lie beneath a golden sun
For now, let's lock the door and toss the key
Do you want to quarantine with me?
Three's a risk, but two is company
Do you want to quarantine with me?

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