Last Mission lyrics


Frenzo Harami

[Verse 1]
The block's hot man, there's fire in the streets
Big up Spookz man, he's firing the beats
I spit pain fam, I'm crying on the beats
This world's f*cked, kids dying every week
I'm sorry baby, I'm a liar, I'm a cheat
I wanna change, I'm really trying but I'm weak
We land bricks and we're flying 'em for cheap
Gotta pray Isha, could be dying in my sleep
They really thought that I was done for
Every week the pigs kicked down my mum's door
Back then my stack was looking kamzor
They killed my bro man, I wish I could've done more
Hard living man, it's hard-hitting
I put the coke in the pot, now the hard's spinning
Then I split it in two like partition
On the way back from cunch, this the last mission

[Verse 2]
Married to the streets, me and the roads had a rishta
pus*y stabbed me five times, I swear I saw a farishta
Still getting money off your sister
Bought that car cash, I ain't paying no kista
Before I touch road I need to make dua
Trapping hard but I can't forget my salah
Death's only one line away
So I make sure I get my five a day
Time to show these Pakis who's the hardest
Right now they've got me on some prostitution charges
f*ck that ho b*tch, she tried stitch me up
Man run up in the drum, they tried stick me up
Sniff another line, I need a pick-me-up
Girl on my line, she said "Pick me up"
Pigs on my back, they're tryna pick me up
When I was on my back, ain't nobody pick me up
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