"Holy Crown"

[Verse 1: Planetary]

Everything I put on paper decimates you
Kings gonna always rock the crowns and break you
You too delicate the [?] how I deflate you
We dominating the domain inside the space, yeah
We lost our here
No boss out here
The cross i bare
Is long gone
Tossed out there
If you ever thought of slaughtering me
Im a [?] in the air that makes you harder to breathe
I'm karma, the breeze
Turn into the blizzard in crunch time
But f*ck snow I shovel sh*t and bury all with one rhyme
The sun shine in I'm closing the curtain
This a dark place where I like to drink the blood from the [?]
Sparkin' a cuban, and ashin' in the coffins of humans
The ground work has been laid this is far from a movement
You more like a student
I'm more like Andy Kaufman and Kubrick
In pitch blackness ? to the darkness acoustic


[Verse 2: Crypt The Warchild]

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