XXL Freshmen 2022 Cypher - Part 3 lyrics



Lyrics from Snippet

[Verse 1: Kali]
Ain't it funny how a life go?
I done went up, they went psycho
Say 24, did you try ho?
Every concert is a lightshow

[Verse 2: Cochise]
Did this sh*t off the top, okay
She pull up and mop, okay, okay
I'm wearing some socks, they brown, okay
Yo' shawty she lookin', she round, okay

[Verse 3: Babyface Ray]
Been down, mama proud, brothers still wild
Off-White Air 1s, ten toes down on the ground
Had to buy some headphones, I was ridin' dirty on the hound

[Verse 4: BabyTron]
MacBooks and Backwoods, I'm scammin' on my high sh*t
Froze-ass heart, tell a b*tch she need a ice pick
I was born broke, but best believe that I'ma die rich
You can check the stores for this sh*t, but you won't find it
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