Ship & Handle lyrics



[Verse 1: BlueBucksClan DJ]
Packs goin', I'ma ship and handle (Yeah)
Racks on me, in the trenches gamblin' (Yeah)
b*tches f*ckin', sayin' a n*gga handsome (Yeah)
Big coupe, it ain't hard to handle (n*gga)
Hit the block, feel like Denny Hamlin (b*tch)
From the back, got her runnin' from it (Yeah)
H-Town with a country woman (Yeah)
Hit his b*tch, say he comin' for me (Comin' for me)
Hit the club, b*tches rubbin' on me (Yeah)
n*ggas with me, they'll up it on you
This like ten thousand, I ain't got no money on me (Got no money on me)
Yeah, pull up with some hoes, I ain't goin' with n*ggas (Goin' with n*ggas)
Yeah, jump out Rick down, but I don't be owin' n*ggas (Owin' n*ggas)
Yeah, I f*ck n*ggas' hoes and I get closеr with 'em (Closer with 'em)
n*gga finna brеak his phone like, "I know she with him" (Know she with him)
BucksClan, we run the globe, yeah, I told you n*ggas (Told you n*ggas)

[Verse 2: Jeeezy]
Yeah, I don't f*ck with no hater n*ggas
I was fly in my baby pictures (I was)
Need a statue at the Staples Center
Who these n*ggas? I can't remember (I can't)
'bout it, 'bout it like Percy Miller
Highly doubt that you f*ckin' with us (I doubt it)
b*tch, I'm leavin' in a couple minutes
I been thuggin' since The Doc*mentary (On God)
Since the start, I been dominatin'
Push-to-start, ain't no jumper cables (Damn)
Like Nate Dogg, I'm a regulator
She keep talkin', I'm aggravated
Been sippin' mud, I barely made it
n*gga, stop lyin', we not related (Lyin')
I was trickin' on her, felt obligated
Let him live tonight, we gon' rob him later
[Verse 3: BlueBucksClan DJ]
Blowin' up my phone, they want a lot of favors (Lot of favors)
'Member stranded on Vermont, I needed jumper cables (Jumper cables)
Prada shades, leather jacket, feel like Terminator (Terminator)
Buildin' b*tches' shape and send 'em to a surgeon table (Surgeon table)
n*ggas keep on sippin' green, know it's gon' hurt 'em later
Need a whole box of leafs, we don't own rolling papers (Yeah)
On the 'Gram, be that, you see 'em, don't be nothin' special (Don't be nothin')
Fill my cup up, hit the rim, feel like Anthony Edwards (Yeah)

[Verse 4: Jeeezy]
I want y'all at the same time, don't wanna hit her separate (Same time)
I took his b*tch straight to the crib just like an interception (Interception)
Come look at all this sh*t we did, we on a different level (Different level)
Stop takin' pictures in my crib, these b*tches disrespectful (Goddamn)
Nah, you ain't make the next round, b*tch, you eliminated (Yeah, you gone)
Yeah, my b*tch walked up in the room, got hoes intimidated (Yeah, they sick)
She know she better suck it soon, she might not see me later (Might not see me)
She said her ex a lil' boy, but I'm a difference maker (Make a difference)

[Interlude: Hit-Boy]
Yeah, we different out here, n*gga
You heard the homie
Biggest Out the West, n*gga
I mean, on some real sh*t, this where n*ggas come to meet they end
West Side, this be the last time you seen a n*gga on Earth
Where your n*gga at?
He gone
[Verse 5: Jeeezy]
Packs comin', I'ma ship and handle (Yeah)
Different b*tches, I dip and dabble (Yeah)
In the trenches, I'm still around it (Go)
Fifty thousand on the kitchen counter
Couple shots, b*tches gettin' wilder (They wild)
All I needed was a half hour
sh*t ain't nothin', why you happy 'bout it? (Happy)
b*tches drinkin' like it's happy hour
b*tches braggin' to they family 'bout me (Yeah)
Tried to warn you she for everybody (On God)
Got the hoes, I f*ck with everybody (I do)
Louis jacket, I wear it proudly (I am)
Only good things I could say about her
Had hoop dreams and I'm still ballin'
Had her chewin' wood like a drill sergeant (Drill)

[Verse 6: BlueBucksClan DJ]
n*gga fold, that's a real party (Yeah)
BucksClan, this a real army (Real)
n*ggas with me, they'll kill for me (Kill)
f*ck 'em over, I don't feel sorry
No plans, came still Marni (Marni)
Yeah, all them n*ggas got on masks 'cause them my lil' homies (Lil' homies)
Yeah, in the club with poles, you can't get up on me (Get up on me)
Packs goin', I got hoes that's gon' ship 'em for me (Ship 'em for me)
Out the motherf*ckin' West, yeah, I'm the biggest of 'em (Motherf*ckin' West)
Anywhere I'll f*ckin' step, yeah, I got b*tches comin' (Where I f*ckin' step)
Every b*tch I ever met, I probably hit or somethin' (Probably hit)
[Outro: BlueBucksClan DJ]
Yeah, I'm recordin' right now, what up?
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