"Better me than you"

My heart can’t keep beating without yours on its side
And I know if you’d soon I’d call it a life to
Living without you
Would be kind of suicide too
Don’t know if there’s a heaven but one thing I can tell that
This world without you would be definite hell
Oh can’t you see it’s true

[Chorus 1 - AIDAYA]
It’s better it’s better it’s better me than you
You don’t gotta prove
That your love is true
It’s better me than you

You have so much to give
I just have you for me
The world would be better if you stay and remember me
I can't bare the thought of losing you losing you
I know your tough enough
You should just live for us
This road is rough
I can take on your cross
Is better is better me than you
The closer we get the further we fall
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